Saturday, February 1, 2014

Things every writer needs...

As we all know, the writing life is glamorous. It's all private jets, chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne. Oops, that's Oprah's life. And maybe John Green's.

Let me try again...for most of us the writing life is a big of a slog. It's all about frantically checking your Amazon stats, struggling to write and submit another novel, and drinking cold coffee.

Having lived the writing life for several years, I've decided to share with you a short list of MUST-HAVES so that you, to, can enjoy this enviable lifestyle.

  1. FUZZY SLIPPERS. Replace yearly or when they begin to, well, smell.
  2. A GOOD COFFEE MAKER or TEA KETTLE, depending on your preference in the hot-brown-beverage department. NICE MUGS are also good.
  3. A PLACE TO WORK THAT HAS A WINDOW. Just admit it. You don't go outside much because you zealously guard your at-the-computer time and between that and the laundry, there's not a lot of daylight left. (Added tip: Occasionally wash said window.)
  4. A PET. Good to have someone to talk to who will never give
    editorial feedback. Also, helpful for warmth if you can't find the aforementioned slippers. Mine is a dog, pictured here with two of my humans.
  5. A NICE OUTFIT. Even if you prefer one-on-one time with your keyboard, it is important to attend the occasional conference, writing class, or author event and even participate in non-literary social activities. This outfit should not consist of your "best" jeans with a top. Get a whole outfit. No denim and no fleece (okay the fleece may just be my problem)!
What have I missed? Please share in the comments below!

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