Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 10th is National Siblings Day

Who knew? April is chock-full of month-long (Autism Awareness, Poetry), week-long (Library Week) and day-long celebrations such as this one.

Writing THE SOUND OF LETTING GO introduced me to the world of teens with special needs siblings, many of whom shoulder more responsibility and enjoy less parental attention than their peers due to the demands of their disabled brothers and sisters.

If you are (or know) one of these young people, check out SibShops, an organization that provides community and support for siblings of disabled kids. For some poignant adult non-fiction from the sib's point-of-view, pick up NYT best-selling author Rachel Simon's RIDING THE BUS WITH MY SISTER. And while you're clicking, you can enter to win some TSoLG swag this busy April!
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What are you celebrating this month?

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