Friday, April 25, 2014


In addition to all the other fun (and spring showers), April is JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH

In honor of JAM, here are a couple of verses from THE SOUND OF LETTING GO...

There are more guys than girls in the jazz world,
next to no lady trumpeters (oh, there are a few).
But it doesn’t matter because, for me, jazz trumpet is all about one guy:
Miles Davis.
He made this famous album in 1959
called Kind of Blue,
which is kind of, always,
how I feel.

That album gets into your bones,
goes and goes;
starts, hesitates, reaches out, feels
for the music, the sound, the thing you want to change.
Always grasping for the unattainable makes you
kind of excited,
kind of sorry.

c 2014 Stasia Ward Kehoe
all rights reserved

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