Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Mock Printz Nod

Where can you find me sandwiched between Laurie Halse Anderson and Andrew Smith (sadly, not at BEA)? On the Sullivan County Library System Mock Printz Award List. I'm not gonna lie. For writers of young adult fiction--particularly those who have struggled in the trenches for years, read and loved so many prize winners, and know what PRINTZ means in the kidlit community--even having your book mentioned in the same PARAGRAPH as the words PRINTZ AWARD fulfills a little fantasy. So I guess today counts as a teeny-tiny fantasy fulfillment day.

Now back to the dark, sticky, leech-infested mire of my current w-i-p. Hope you're writing today.

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Dawn Simon said...

I agree, it IS exciting! Congrats! Btw, I saw your books at Powell's in Portland! Wish I'd taken a pic for you!

Good luck with the WIP!