Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September, here we go!

As of today, all four of my boys are back at school. I'm feeling rather queasy about my 8yo's classroom placement and nervous about getting my high school senior through the college application process. I'm mired in two manuscripts and trying to figure out a new fall writing routing (that leaves a little room for exercise)--fast!

On a bright note, over the last few weeks, I've done a bit of living. Visited New Hampshire where I kayaked on a beautiful lake and toured some serene gardens. Hit Seattle's Bumbershoot festival for the first time with my 13yo--it was awesome, especially Punchline Comedy and a live performance of The Moth radio hour. Went to the Evergreen State Fair in WA with hubs and the boys where, beyond the gut-punchingly delicious fair food and Ferris wheel traditions, the highlight for me was holding the MOST ADORABLE four-month-old bunny.

Holding a teeny brown frog
(bunny photo coming soon)
In fact, catching rays and getting with nature were two nice themes of late summer. Here's hoping they lead to some good words by the light of my keyboard this month!

What's up with your back-to-school routines?

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