Monday, June 28, 2010

Back-to-Business Monday: TIPS FOR AUTHOR PHOTOS

My photo session proofs are in and I am struggling to choose a winner. It turns out I am pretty indecisive. So, I've given myself a deadline of Wednesday to pick a picture.  Meanwhile, here are a few tips from the folks who helped me prepare for my author photo:
  • Chat with the photographer (professional or otherwise) before the photo session. Discuss the setting for your photo (indoor or outdoor; studio or personal scene) and what type of image you are hoping to get. If possible, provide a couple of examples of author photos or other portraits you like. Most of all try to choose a style that reflects your personality and/or your writing.
  • Choose clothing that you'd wear when you want to look and feel extra good--maybe for a fun evening out. Consider trying a couple of outfits so you have some choice not only in poses but in looks.
  • Professional photo lighting can wash out up to 80% of make-up color, so be a bit bolder than usual. Avoiding shine is a big priority, so a great foundation is a good bet.
  • If you're having make-up or hair done for you, bring along a digital camera and take a few snaps to get a sense of what the pro will be snapping. Don't use too much hairspray as this can yield a stiff result as you move and pose during the photo shoot.
  • Aim for a picture in which you look like a well-rested version of yourself so that when folks meet you in person, they see the connection to the photo :)
  • Try to have fun. Or at least, take a few snaps where you're smiling.


Unknown said...

These are awesome tips... it's good to know that other people worry about things like photos for books and making sure you still remain yourself but look great in pictures!

lisa and laura said...

Ooh, can't wait to see what you choose Stasia! Great tips! Sort of makes me want to photo shop the pic that we subbed to our publisher last week. Ha!

Tahereh said...

great tips, Stasia! so so true! i cant wait to see your photos!!!

so exciting!!

Dawn Simon said...

It will be so fun to see your photo! Can't wait!

Thanks for the tips. Your blog is such an excellent resource, Stasia! I think the point about aiming for a well-rested version of yourself is especially good; the author should look like himself or herself in the photo. Really, though, all the points you make sound great.