Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: CAUGHT MY EYE...

Spent a long and lovely Tuesday in NYC doing research for a new ms I am writing, lunching with old friends, and visiting the delightful offices of InkWell Management.  By the reception desk at InkWell is a bookshelf stacked with publishing periodicals and, as I was a bit agressively prompt for my meeting, I had time to take a look at the July 1 Kirkus. Given that my YA novel, AUDITION, is about a young dancer, I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that the title of James Howe's new picturebook, forthcoming from Candlewick this August, caught my eye:
A brontosaurus ballerina?  How delicious.  The character's name says it all.  Without even getting past that word, that lovely cover, I know that pretty much everyone has had a Brontorina moment at some point--feeling out-of-place, too large or too small, incapable of making the grade.  Though my focus tends to be on YA, I can't wait to read this new picture book and I've put it on my August reading list, right next to MOCKINGJAY!

That's all for this Wednesday's post.  I've got a lot of writing to do.  You know, the manuscript kind (not the blog kind)?  Trying to hit my word count for today before I can't keep my eyes open any longer.  Otherwise, it might be a bit of a Brontorina night :)


Laura S. said...

My nephew loves dinosaurs! He might get a kick out of reading this to his little sister! Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Happy writing!

Dawn Simon said...

BRONTORINA sounds fun! And visiting InkWell Management in NYC! So exciting! "Aggressively prompt" cracked me up. I'd have been early too!

Get some sleep! :)