Monday, July 5, 2010


Argh! No Internet at my parents’ house. To clarify, they’ve lost the WEP code for their wi-fi, which means that, while I can use their computer, I cannot get online with MY computer, Petunia. This is surprisingly disconcerting as Petunia's got a lot of favorite links, saved files, pictures (including my list of favorite pix from my photo shoot), and so on that would make life a lot easier right now. So, on the fifth of July, weary from fireworks and sweaty from the New England heat wave, I am sitting here posting on a very nice but unfamiliar computer trying not to overly cyber-stress.  (A nice reminder here to keep more stuff on a flash drive for travel.)

On a brighter note, I'm happy to announce that I will be holding my first two contests this summer. My "Summer Swag" contest will be part of Book Extravaganza, co-hosted by  Bookworming in the 21st Century and The Neverending Shelf. This contest is for everyone (following not required) and the prize will be books (including one super-cool arc) and fun book-related stuff--details to be announced on Friday, July 16. The "Book Biz Bonanza" contest will be announced on Monday, July 26, and will be geared more toward writers who have had a book published or will soon be published. Details will be coming in late July but, for this one, the prize will be cool free marketing stuff for your book.

Honestly, I’ve gotta sign off now and find some air conditioning. Stay cool!


Dawn Simon said...

Bummer about the computer stress, but it's great that you're still able to post. I'm impressed. Woo-hoo about the contests! I plan to enter your "Summer Swag" contest!

The heat isn't here in WA yet, but it will be soon...

Stasia said...

Don't wish too hard for the heat, Dawn. It's BRUTAL for writing. Can't wait to announce my first contest. BTW, check out this Wednesday's post--it's all about YOU :)