Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: THANK YOU!!!

A very belated but heartfelt thank you to my delightful writer-friend Dawn who posted this lovely congrats to me on her blog, Plotting & Scheming, last month.  Dawn read my ms, AUDITION, just before I sent it out to agents and was such a wonderful reader and cheerleader!  Honestly, she's one of the people whose incredible positive energy and passion for writing just make you glad to be part of the kidlit world.  Now, here I am, head down and writing away on a new ms.  Sometimes when I get clutched or worry that the whole thing is a mess, I remind myself that there are folks like Dawn out there who will talk me down off the ledge and remind me why I write in the first place.  Here's hoping you have writer friends as worthy of your thanks in your life!


Tahereh said...

what a lovely post! it's so wonderful to have great friends!!

Stasia said...

Thanks. Totally agree. It's the best part of this whole writer thing. Feel so lucky!

Dawn Simon said...

Aw, Stasia, you are so sweet! I'm incredibly touched by your post. Truly.

I feel very lucky to have read AUDITION before you sent it out, and I'm honored you trusted me with it. It's a gem, and I knew it had to become a published book!

Regarding writer friends, I'm so thankful you're one of mine.

Big hugs,