Friday, July 9, 2010

Fiction Friday: SUMMER SECRETS

Not quite my typical book pairing this week.  If you're a teen or older, read 'em both because they're terrific.  For middle-graders (10 or 12 and up, depending on where you buy the book), stick with my first "summer secrets" suggestion.

In the Louise Fitzhugh's THE LONG SECRET, Harriet of HARRIET THE SPY fame is cast in a winning supporting role in a book of great wit and honesty.

Friendship, secrets and self play important roles in Sarah Ockler's beautiful debut, TWENTY BOY SUMMER as well. 

Posts will be short next week as I'll be "vacationing" to the best of my ability (not so great at lying by the lake but I'm sure going to try) which also means LOTS of work on my new ms.  But I will post all the info on my first contest next Friday.


Unknown said...

I love the cover of Twenty Boy Summer, I'm very intrigued!!! Thanks for the selection!

Tahereh said...

i've been itching to read twenty boy summer for awhile -- looks like i need to pick it up!

thanks for the suggestions!!