Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WORDY WEDNESDAY: Drafts & Revisions

Working, working, working to meet my editor's September 20 deadline.  These are not the big-picture revisions of the first pass, but finer corrections (word choices, some cuts, etc.).  Still, being the plodder that I am, I read through the ms again and again, making sure that each change feels organic--that the characters are still true to themselves on every page.  Gotta say, while the first revision was bigger, this pass is harder going sometimes.  Maybe it's because this one feels more final. I start thinking to myself, "This is what my novel is going to say," and then I kind of (well, totally) panic.

One outcome of this panic's concurrency with the time crunch of back-to-school is that I have stopped drafting all of my blog posts in Word, revising them, and the copying them into Blogger.  Yup, I've started winging it. I mean, naturally I proofread before hitting "publish" but I do just start at the "new post" box and let it rip.  I'm wondering if this will affect the tone of what I write.  Or even the topics I choose.  Regardless, with one book nearing the revision finish-line and my fingers itching to get back to revising my NEXT novel, I just can't handle any more drafting in my life.  (Okay, truth, I've already written the next two HONORARIUM posts (Mondays) in Word but OTHERWISE...)

Do you draft and revise your posts?  Pre-write them?  Plan ahead?  Or are we winging it together?


Unknown said...

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Pam Harris said...

I used to be all anal and plan my posts ahead. But then life started getting away, so now my cousin and I just write a post when we're inspired too. We tried the scheduling thing, but it started making blogging feel like homework as opposed to something fun. Great post, btw. :)

Sylvie said...

I'm an editor; I can't not revise. I'm surprised I didn't compose this comment in Word!

Stasia said...

Hi and welcome devagi. So glad to meet you and happy that you find the blog useful. I don't have a setup for email subscriptions but you can find my blog on FB if that helps.

Thanks for your comment, Pam. I'm definitely trying to loosen up a bit about posting b/c it can feel like "homework" as you note.

And, thanks, Sly, not just for your comment (heehee) but also for not pointing out the typo in the very first line of this post (which, btw, I've corrected!).


Sylvie said...

Oh good, that was making my eye twitch. Aren't you proud of me for restraining myself? That's old-school friendship right there!