Friday, December 3, 2010


As we reach the last month of 2010 (my book will be on shelves in LESS THAN A YEAR - eek!!!), I'm finding many lovely ways to reflect on what I've read this year and plan for 2011. Here are three fun links for getting your YA fiction house in order for the new year:

Discover a great blog and cast your vote!

Feeling high-tech? Anticipating an e-reader this holiday season?

Celebrate the YA/MG debut authors of 2011
by reading at least a dozen of their bright and shiny new novels
(okay, shameless plug here for AUDITION).
I've mentioned this one before but, well, it rocks!

Are you taking any challenges next year?  Share the linky goodness, please!  And Happy Friday!


Angela Ackerman said...

I haven't yet given up that I won't have a sale this year, but if I don't that's totally my goal for next.

Angel a@ The Bookshelf Muse

Stasia said...

Great goal, Angela! And thanks for dropping by. - Stasia