Monday, December 6, 2010

Back-to-Business Monday: ON-TASK TWEETING

First, check out the nifty labels on my last seven months of posts (or don't, really, what a dull idea).  Anyhow, my menial web-presence-maintenance task of last week is accomplished.  This week I am going to write the "about the author" page for my website and decide which old photos to include with the text.  Look forward to a sneak peak of me as a teeny ballerina next week!

Another thing I've been trying out is Tweeting.  So far, here is what I've learned:

1. It can be rather addictive and there's almost always some amazing writing chat going on or a cool book give-away contest to enter.

2. There's some super-annoying spam out there for writers (surely you've read about that writers needed thingy) that found me almost instantly (blocking as best I can with my limited technological ability).

3. MOST IMPORTANT!  It is surprisingly hard to find that line between tweeting about life and tweeting about writer-life.  This morning I found myself Tweet-musing on the deliciousness of Fritos with a sandwich.  Really, this is not the kind of thing I should be dumping into the Tweet feed BUT I know that regular Tweeting is important AND I'm a little uncomfortable just retweeting cool blog posts and talking about my own writing career so...are Fritos okay?

Do you worry about staying "on-task" with your Tweets?  Where do you draw the line?  Do you like Fritos?


Laura S. said...

Fritos are definitely okay! Tweeting fun details like that is what makes people seem personable. I tweet about fun things, too. Nothing too personal, but things someone else might find funny or relatable.

My twitter name is @LauraMarcella. I don't think I'm following you yet? I tried clicking your follow me link but it just took me to a blank page.

Demitria said...

I haven't gotten into Twitter, but I can see how letting loose sometimes and talking about how you like Fritos (or something else yummy) can make you more personable.

Stasia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura & Demitria! Laura--I'm @swkehoe - will check on the link (thanks) but will just sign up to follow you so you can find me! Happy Monday! - Stasia

Kjersten said...

I had a hard time with this on Twitter and never really figured out the balance, I guess this is why I kind of fell off the Twitter bandwagon last spring. I liked hearing about small things (like fritos) from people -- I thought it added personality. But then again, when my twitter feed was filled with those happy little mundane things (especially if someone posted lots of posts all in the same day), it was hard to sort through. I wish there was an easy answer!

Stasia said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Kjersten. Twitter is definitely a toughie!

Sylvie said...

I actually used your labels today to link for a friend with an upcoming author appearance! It worked like a charm, but I had to fish around for one. Can you put the list gadget on the sidebar?