Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: VERIFICATION

First, as I've been assigning myself weekly blog maintenance tasks, I may be getting carried away.  Do let me know if you like the new layout (added L & R columns, search box, my name in the subhead, and a "grown-up" profile pic).

Now, on to more serious matters...I am such a word nerd that I've actually been tracking the un-words I've had to type in the process of posting comments on blogs?  Has it struck you that frequently, the un-words feel almost like real words? Searching the web for images to illustrate this point, I found hilarious pictures of verification words that named historical villains, described amorous activities, and even accidentally wished you well.  In moments of astonishing procrastination, I play stupid wordgames like this one in which I make up definitions for verification pseudo-words.

bundly - A state of being well-dressed for cold weather

badmer - Opposite of a goodmer, which would be interesting if "mer" meant anything in English.  Well, it is a prefix referring to the sea, so "bad sea," perhaps in the vicinity of a BP oil rig.

eulgab - When a person goes on too long while delivering a euology

creeing - Rhymes with... (okay, my ten-year-old suggested this one)

smsist  -  No, you tiny virtual person, I "sim-sist"!

frostsom  - When the grass on your front lawn is covered with frost, the yard looks frostsom

Seen any funnies lately?  Got better definitions?  Been gifted with a "kindly" or "fudgy" verification word lately? Know a more insanely, time-wasting web game?  Think I should take a break from the blogosphere?  Drop a comment!


Sylvie said...

I like the changes, except the three columns does not look great on my laptop at home. Here in the office on a bigger screen they look much better. (And I still think you should add the list of labels on the side!) Love the definitions--it's like advanced Balderdash.

Stasia said...

Okay, okay, I'll add the label list :)

Small Review said...

I love this post. Sometimes I feel like my head is getting filled with all those non-words! I love your definition for eulgab!