Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggiesta Wrap-up

Welll, it wasn't pretty here at Writer on the Side.  I started off energetically on Friday, wrote my reviews and some other stuff.  Made the lists I planned to make.  Saturday, I struggled with some of the mini-challenges but couldn't make a button that made me happy.  Got a bit blue.  Bluer still when the Jets lost on Sunday--I had this big idea that I could work on the blog in the kitchen while my the crowds of people clustered around the television in the family room yelled at the screen BUT, well, there was noise (and wine) and I wound up watching.

That said, I LOVE Bloggiesta and will definitely be back next year.  Especially because it was such fun to discover new blogs AND I've bookmarked dozens of pages of useful tips and information to which I can refer when I have more time.  So, all in all, it was a very worthy weekend and many thanks to the awesome MAW BOOKS.


Unknown said...

Yay on getting the reviews done! I'll be working on my "incomplete" goals this week. I can't wait for Bloggiesta to come back this June :)

Stasia said...

Oh, it's back in June? Yeah!!!