Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: DAY JOB (and cute pooch)

Despite feeling like I never have enough time for fiction writing, here are three reasons I keep working as a freelance writer/marketing professional:

1. I work for trade book publishers, so my work is connecting other authors with their readership through booking appearances and/or writing promotional materials.  Because I'm a writer myself, I like to think I give the authors I support extra tlc, which all of us writers deserve :)

2. Sometimes I think if I had less to do, I might waste more time.  Pressure = butt-in-chair!

(Isn't he cute?  Expensive, but cute!)
3. My secretary recently ate something gravel and plastic-laden (vet thinks it might have been a piece of roofing shingle--don't ask 'cause I don't know), which cost mucho $$$ to "extract."  Regular checks are nice for paying vet bills, among other bills!

What are your three best reasons for punching the clock?  Or have you decided to take the plunge and write full time?  Share, share!


Pam Harris said...

I would LOVE to write full-time; however, I have bills to pay. :( I will say that since I work in a school, I get tons of material for my YA WIPs. Also, I tend to get a little stir crazy if I'm in the house for too long, so going to work is sometimes a welcome respite. :)

Stasia said...

Yeah, that whole bills thing is a drag, isn't it, Pam? Ah well, I agree that getting away from my computer and out of the house is probably a good idea from time to time. Thanks for stopping by!

John Brewer said...

What Pam said. Except I don't mind the house. My oldest is headed to university this coming fall. I need a bestseller by then. Or two!

Stasia said...

Hi John! My oldest just got his driver's license and the insurance bill definitely keeps me in the office. Good luck with those bestsellers!