Monday, April 4, 2011

WIN a signed arc of AUDITION

APRIL is...

National Poetry Month

Greg Pincus's 2nd annual 30 Poems/30 Days at his blog, Gotta Book

and, right in the middle of this rainy month it will be 6-months-until-publication of Audition!

So April is also ALL ABOUT PRIZES here at Writer on the Side. What prizes?

** GRAND PRIZE is a SIGNED ARC OF AUDITION plus bookmarks! ** 

* 3 WEEKLY PRIZES (announced here on April 15, 22 & 29) will include a verse novel (arc or book) selected by yours truly, plus AUDITION bookmarks.
If you win a weekly prize, you'll still be entered for the Grand Prize, to be announced on Monday, May 2nd.

How do you enter?


Unknown said...

Is this US only or?

Stasia said...

Sorry for the delayed rely, ComaCalm. Contest is international!

Unknown said...


~excited dance~