Friday, May 6, 2011

Author Angela Cerrito shares her audition story

In my twenties I decided to moonlight as a model/actress, without any experience. I started this adventure at the library –reading up on the business, learning how to avoid scams and gobbling up inspiring biographies. I found legitimate agencies (TIP: call the local businesses that advertise in your media –TV commercials, print, or fashion shows— and ask them which agencies they use.)

When I met with agents they offered advice. Those snapshots I took at home? Unprofessional. I must learn make-up, understand the camera and study fashion. Insert steep learning curve here! In time, I was represented by two agencies, one for commercial work (advertising products, not fashion) and the other was strictly fashion. Each agency offered a mix of work but for most of that work I had to audition.

I quickly learned that an audition could mean ANYTHING. No two were the same...

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