Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Cool Techno-Trick

Just showing off
the "Tweeterina" I
made in Pixlr
Despite all the chaos last week, I still really like Blogger.  For me, it is by far the most user-friendly platform for blog-building.  And, I didn't find it all that hard to recover my posts--they were still in the draft cue and just needed to be republished.

That said (and mybe most of the rest of you already knew this) as I was upgrading, updating and adding stuff to my online presence this weekend, I learned something cool.  If you use Blogger and don't like that "Blogger" bar that shows at the top of your site, all you have to do to remove it is to go to the "Design" tab, select "edit html" from the submenu, scroll through the html to the body of the "body" section and, after the last }, add this:

#Navbar1 {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;

display: none;
visibility: hidden;


The Blogger bar will disappear from the top of your blogsite.  Easy as pie!  And pretty :)


storyqueen said...

The little tweeterina is very cute!

I never thought it was possible to get rid of the nav bar....hmmmmm....


Unknown said...

I quite like the nav bar and mine is see through so I'm happy. I get to my Google Feed through my blog anyway so the bar is more for me than anyone else!

ComaCalm's Corner

Shari said...

Cool! Thanks for the info!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Awesome sauce! Thanks!
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Sylvie said...

Great tip. Sometimes I use the nav bar, but I like the idea of not having it there. Will experiment.

Stasia said...

Thanks for the comments. Will say that if you remove the bar from the top, you need to go to your blogger dashboard to log into your blogs. This doesn't bother me but it is one extra click!