Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Oh, yeah, that's me with
Scott Westerfeld
 I got home from KidLitCon on Saturday night, my head nearly exploding with new ideas and a little bit giddy from all the fun.  Being just three weeks from the publication of my debut novel, I had to jump back into the fray and catch up on all kinds of work stuff.  Thus, this post got a bit delayed and, honestly, I'm still in a massive rush. BUT the two-day event was so fantastic that I MUST write something. So, here's my quick grocery list of awesome things and people...

  • Elissa Cruz, Rosanne Parry & Katherine Schlick Noe "From the Mixed-Up Files" on group blogging, from logistics to dynamics and beyond
  • Scott Westerfeld's fantastic keynote on illustration in novels
  • Suzanne Young and Sara Gundell on author-blogger promotion teams (swing by Sara's blog, Novel Novice to see a little vlog I decided to film with her encouragement--heehee!)
  • Holly & Shiraz Cupala on DIY book marketing (amazing data from an adorable couple)
  • Michelle Ann Dunphy and Allison Tran on podcasting (I'm so gonna try this)
  • Plus meeting so many fun and fantastic writers and bloggers--too many to name.
  • Oh, and have I mentioned the free morning coffee and evening wine in the charming Hotel Monaco lobby, or the yummy snacks and appies?  Well, I have now!

L-R Me, Mindi Scott, Suzanne Young,
Kelly Jensen, Sara Gundell

Sorry this is so quick. I just wanted to make sure I got something up about this terrific weekend as soon as I could. 

For a complete list of attendees, click here.  And for some far better wrap-up posts about KidLitCon 2011, click here!

KID LIT CON 2012 will be in NYC. 
If you haven't already,


Michelle said...

It was so nice meeting you too! We definitely want to get you on the podcast sometime soon. Keep in touch, ok dear? :)

Jackie Parker said...

Thank you so much for taking the time present amid the craziness that is a book release! It was great to meet you!

Dawn Simon said...

What a great time! And you met Scott Westerfeld! So cool! :)