Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bookanistas: POSSESS by Gretchen McNeil

Fantastic hot-but-how-can-I-like-him boy crisis...The adorable Matt Quinn.  Can Bridget be falling for the son of the man she holds partly responsible for the death of her father?

Badass heroine jewelry...Bridget's bracelet.  A charm, a protection, a memory, and a fashion statement even though "...the raised scrollwork was not quite as defined as it had been when she first put it on...." (p. 128)

Why you should read this book...It has a genuine mystery feel.  Don't get me wrong, the book is packed with cool supernatural stuff and an authentic, sweet relationship between Bridget and her brother, Sammy.  But what makes POSSESS unique for me is that is has the kind of classic real mystery structure you rarely see this days, complete with a murder, a second crime, red herrings, and awesome clues to follow.  Gretchen McNeil's book makes me hark back to some favorite novels by Josephine Tey and Arthur Conan Doyle with an added paranormal element.  Actually, JT (and, uh, I don't mean Justin Timberlake) and ACD featured their share of supernatural stuff, too, now that I think of it :)

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Ashley Elston said...

Just finished this book and loved it. Great review.