Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bookanistas: FRACTURE by Megan Miranda

On the uniqueness of the hot boys (plural)...Yes, there's a mysterious sort-of love triange here.  Our hero, Delaney, is drawn to the shadowy Troy while confused by the complicated twisty turns her relationship with long-time friend (and super-hottie) Decker is taking. Haven't we all found ourselves faced with the friend-maybe-boyfriend conundrum at some point in time? It feels very real here.

Best use of clothes in a novel...From the bright, red parka into which she bundles Delaney early in the story, to the lime green sweater she has her "accidentally" buy her mom for Christmas, the author has a way of creating fabulous characterizations with color and fabric.

Why you should read this...Yes, it's an awesome mystery with a fascinating premise, great paranormal elements and some wild medical details.  But beyond this, FRACTURE is an elegantly crafted story about a girl, about love and friendship and, at its core, about what makes life worth living.

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