Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: WISHES

celestial bodies,science,shooting stars,stars,technologyOkay, close your eyes (figuratively) and make a wish.  Was it a big one?  A funny thing happened to me this past year.  My birthday-candle-shooting-star-impossible-dream wish came true.  I sold my first novel!  It's a pretty weird experience.  First, you float around for awhile wondering if this is what Charlie Sheen feels like on an average Saturday night.  Then you get a little scared wondering what next?  You need to come up with a NEW DREAM and exactly how do you do that? What I discovered is that my next dream is just to write another book, to tell another story.  I feel kind of lucky to have a wish that comes true yet only makes you want to wish it more! 


storyqueen said...

That's true, about the wish coming true making you need more wishes.

I am wishing you a happy release!


Stasia said...

Thanks for the happy wishes, Shelley! Here's another wish: I really hope I get to meet you in person sometime--love your blog and your comments!

Sylvie said...

Your next dream should be to visit San Francisco, preferably during ballet season!