Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anyone else love Books of Wonder?

The first time I ever went to Books of Wonder in New York City, I met the amazing Peter Sis, whose books I adore, especially, THE WALL and THE STARRY MESSENGER.  At the time, I was just overwhelmed by the everything awesome of that store.  And TODAY, I'll be signing there myself with the Stages on Pages gang!  Nervous much? Umm, yeah!

Oh, and from there, the Stages on Pages crew is on to three more awesomely amazing indies: VORACIOUS READER (Larchmont, NY 11/11); DOLPHIN BOOKSHOP (Port Washington, NY 11/12); and OBLONG BOOKS (Rhinebeck, NY 11/13).  Swing by Stages on Pages for details.


Sylvie said...

Books of Wonder were the people who identified a childhood favorite of mine (The Big Jump) from my description of the picture memories in my head! It had been driving me crazy for months and I will be forever grateful to them.

Have fun!

Stasia said...

Agreed. Books of Wonder rocks, Sly!