Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catching my breath

I can hardly believe that it's been about a month since Audition landed on shelves: The longest and shortest four weeks of my life. I have learned a ton that I want to share as soon as I wrap up the final 2011 leg of the Stages on Pages book tour.

By this evening, I'll have lots of pictures up at http://www.stagesonpages.com/ so you can take a look at how the west coast portions of the trip went.  Then, when I get home, I'll be sharing my thoughts on some of these things:
  • Live Book Tours - pros and cons
  • Virtual Promotion - how much is too much
  • The Awesome that is the Book Blogger Community
  • Thoughts on THE POST-DEBUT NOVEL (choosing what to write)
I am SO EXCITED to get back to the on-the-side part of my blog--to share insights of value to other writers who are on the journey, be they published, agented, awaiting their debuts, or in an earlier stage and wanting to educate themselves.  I am also looking forward to having a bit more time to write my own stuff and to read more books by my friends and colleagues.

Right now, though, it's back to preparing for school and library programs, coordinating with tour authors, and connecting with the many friends I hope to see in New York and New Hampshire in the coming days.  Okay, I guess I've only got a minute to catch my breath right now. Well, it's been nice!

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nutschell said...

I hope you get more than a few minutes to catch your breath--especially with Christmas just around the corner. :)