Monday, April 30, 2012

Back-to-Business: WRITING FATIGUE

There are several kinds of fatigue in the writer-verse.

REVISION FATIGUE -- you are so sick of your story you never want to see it again.  Also, you never want to see a comma, a quotation mark, or red pencils of any sort.

SUBMISSION FATIGUE -- you just don't want to send your next ms in because you can't bear the emotional exhaustion of the submission process.

READING FATIGUE -- that pile of arcs on your bedside table?  Well, it isn't getting any smaller.  And there are three packages on your kitchen counter that you know hold MORE ARCs but you just don't have the heart to open them.  You start thinking all your rants against television-watching were premature.  Plus, you've become addicted to Dance Moms (the original--the Miami one is kind of lame).

WRITING FATIGUE -- your arse is sore and you just don't want to sit at the keyboard anymore. It's sunny outside and even though you consider yourself an indoor sort, you have this sudden urge to, I dunno, go kayak on a lake or something.  That would be if your arms weren't permanently bent into typing position.

PROMOTION FATIGUE -- you are sick of pimping your book and yourself.  Sick of Bookscan, Amazon Author Central, Goodreads, Google Alerts.  You know too much.  You think nostalgically of your innocent prepublication days but in publishing and, er, other stuff, you just can't go back to holding hands.

I may have them all.

Yawn. Y-A-W-N!

You got any?


Unknown said...

On top of all the publishing angst, I've got WAITING FOR THIS HOUSE TO SELL SO WE CAN GET ON WITH OUR LIVES FATIGUE.

Hugs to you, Stasia. Kayaking sounds really fun right now.

nutschell said...

Hi Stasia
I hope you get some rest soon. Sounds like you need a relaxing break!
I may be experiencing some blogging fatigue, myself.
Anyway,I thought I'd drop by to let you know that I'm giving you an award. You'll find it on my blog:)


Stasia said...

Hi Angelina & Nutschell! Great to hear from you both (and tx for the award, Nutschell :) Today I am trying to quell the fatigue by doing some writing sprints (15-minute offline bursts of writing) with a couple of writer friends. How are you fending off the "snooze"?