Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm gearing up for some fun at the Tumwater Timberland Library  (7023 New Market St SW, Tumwater, WA / (360) 943-7790) this Saturday, April 28,  from 2-3:30, where I'll be on a panel with...

Melissa Meyer, Jennifer Wolf, Danny Marks, Megan Bostic, J. Anderson Coats, Helen Landalf and Kiki Hamilton.

So, um, beyond the awesome of spending time with such a great group of writers--and readers (come!!!), I was thinking about reasons I enjoy group author events.  Here are my top 6.

1. Serious shop talk.  Revision tips, works-in-progress gripes, business woes.  Luuuurve shop talk.
2. Less pressure and more fun. Even if the event turnout is low, we writers are in it together.
3. See how other writers structure their presentations and get ideas for improving one's own appearance plans.
4. Laughs.  Writing is a serious, lonely business. When we find ourselves in a room with Actual People, we writers tend to get giggly. In a good way.  Mostly.
5. Okay, in all honesty, I decided to list six because I'm a writer and I liked the assonance of SIX SUPER (sounds so much better than FIVE super, doesn't it?).  Yet, now, I'm stumped so, uh, that's my five.  Embarassing writer admission.  Well, at least I didn't rhyme!
6. Afterwards, we often partake of wine.  Or chocolate.  If the stars align, both! And, btw, the more the merrier so if you're an aspiring MG or YA writer or just an avid reader, come, chat, and celebrate with us!

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