Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bookanistas: BREAKING BEAUTIFUL by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

Disclaimer: I first met Jennifer Shaw Wolf in the "virtual world" when we took an online writing class with the amazing Ann Gonzalez.  Though we did not know it then, both of us would soon become agented, published writers.  And, because I've taken a writing class with Jennifer, I can assure you that she is the real deal: Passionate about her craft and brimming with spectacular ideas.

BREAKING BEAUTIFUL is Jennifer's gorgeous debut novel, just out this week.  It is the story of Allie, who survives the terrible wreck that kills her boyfriend, Trip.  But was it an accident?  And can there be such a thing is a love triangle between a girl, a boy...and a ghost?

This novel is part romance, part mystery.  Partly about a girl grappling with past abuse, partly about a girl learning to recognize an artist.  And like love, like art, very little is black-and-white. There are so many layers of character, such exquisitely textured relationships, that I chose not to write my standard "just gotta say" review line because I was worried that I might give something important away that readers should have the pleasure of discovering for themselves.   A gorgeous read.

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