Friday, September 7, 2012

Hey, baby, where've you been?

Wow, my blog neglect has continued on from August to September. Racing to get the kids outfitted for school, then ADJUSTED to school, then attending myriad auditions, soccer practices, football games...what happened to my utopian visions of September...?

My shortcomings haven't been limited to the blog.  I am struggling to get back in control of my tbr list despite a slew of freelance jobs.  And my own fiction writing has not gotten the time it needs.

On the plus side?  I've done some lovely planting in the yard, cleaned out all of the family closets and brought lots of great stuff to Goodwill, and have a dream-list of home-improvement projects longer than some book synopses.

And I've THOUGHT a lot about blog posts I'd like to write.  Here are four:

  • Timing and the writing of techno-fiction
  • How college applications are like manuscript submissions
  • Where is "the end" of your novel?
  • Optimizing your social media time investment

So, for the rest of the month, I promise I'll tackle one of these topics each week.  Not exactly a magical blogging record but it's a start.  And I hope you'll stick with me as we race toward October.

1 comment:

Dawn Simon said...

I totally get it. I took a blog-cation for the entire summer.

Good luck with all you're doing, and don't feel guilty. Really. Life's too short.

Btw, your blog looks pretty!