Monday, December 10, 2012

Back to Business Monday: :YA Novels with Artsy Protagonists

It's always interesting to observe where you fit -- as a reader and a writer -- along the genre spectrum. Maybe I should call it the genre Venn diagram (remember those from math class?) because, as we know, genres twist, turn, overlap and betray each other. Consider the phrase "dystopian paranormal" (which often has a sci-fi "big brother" element mixed in with the vampires or angels) or "crossover title" (which means a YA book with a sophisticated cover!).  I'm teasing a bit but not entirely.  Anyhow, I'be been looking back at my own shelves and decided to make a list of books with the kinds of creative protagonists and themes I love.

Just scratching the surface here but PLEASE do leave your title suggestions in the comments, below:

For poets & writers: THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE (Jandy Nelson); ADIOS, NIRVANA (Conrad Wesselhoeft); DELIRIUM (Lauren Oliver)

For musicians: VIRTUOSITY (Jessica Martinez); AMPLIFIED (Tara Kelly); MAGIC FLUTES (Eva Ibbotsen); FIVE FLAVORS OF DUMB (Antony John)

For visual artists: A BLUE SO DARK (Holly Schindler); BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY (Ruta Sepetys)

For drama geeks: WILL GRAYSON, WILL GRAYSON (John Green, David Levithan); MY LIFE, THE THEATER & OTHER TRAGEDIES (Allen Zadoff); STRINGS ATTACHED (Judy Blundell).

In anticipation of the end-of-year top tens and myriad other summations, let's beat the rush and get "listy" this week!

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