Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bookanistas: THE DIFFERENT GIRL by Gordon Dahlquist

Plot without spoilers...Ooooh, that is tricky. Veronika is different from the other three girls on the island because her hair is "the color of red rust." The four live on the island with their caretakers and teachers, Irene and Robbert. Each day includes walks, naps, and lessons of various levels of difficulty. Veronika is obedient and studious. But is she the "different girl" of the title? This is one of those stories that you just can't say too much about without wrecking things for readers.

Of literary interest...Dahlquist, a playwright and adult novelist, creates a compelling voice for Veronika, staying true to her unique POV and drawing readers along with her on a truly fascinating journey.

Finally, just gotta say...This is a very worthwhile read for the eloquent writing and complex moral scenario the author presents. I think the best way to show you this without giving too much away is to share a snippet from the novel. Here Veronika explains her reactions to the other girls' descriptions of their beachside explorations:

"...I was outside of everything they said, like I listened to their stories through a window. I could imagine everything they said--I understood the words, but the understanding happened in me, by myself, not in me with them." (from Kindle edition, so I don't have the page #)

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