Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to Business: Singing the Praises of SCBWI - Part I

It's April again. You know, time for those proverbial "showers" (actually we've been having April showers since November here in Washington and the forecast has 'em happening through July). The kids are just starting to count down the days until school's out. But for me, the BEST thing about April is the SCBWI Western Washington Chapters Annual Conference of Awesome. And I'm not just saying that because I'll be giving a presentation with my amazing editor, Kendra Levin. I'll also be fangirling Robin LaFevers and Mac Barnett; learning from amazing agents like Joanna Volpe and Ammi-Joan Paquette; and hangin' with writer friends at all stages of the process from published wordsmith wonders to just-you-wait-cuz-when-they-get-published-they're-gonna-get-a-Kirkus-star friends who have beta read, encouraged and, er, drunk a lot of wine and coffee with me.



Not to get repetive but attending SCBWI meetings and conferences was an essential part of my education in the craft and corporate aspects of children's literature.  So...

It you're anywhere near. I mean ANYWHERE. Idaho? Yeah. British Columbia? Drive on down. San Francisco? Get your arse on a plane.

You will not regret it.

Click. Register. Leave a comment so I can find you and buy you a coffee. Actually, they give it out for free at the conference. Plus there's yummy lunch. But I would love to chat with you all the same :)

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