Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bookanistas: SHADOW TITLES

Gotta love the trends.  You know, covers with faceless girls, girls suspended in water, red dresses or gravity-defying hair sweeps.  And don't even get me started on the whole one-word title thing (yeah, admittedly I'm guilty of this myself--I love me a strong, solitary, er, word!).  
Today, for your consideration, I present THE SHADOW PHENOMENON...

So, do "shadows" in a title hook you in?  Graphically, I love the text represented as a shadow against the girl's cheek on the cover of Robin Wasserman's new book.  Which one would you pick up first, and why?

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JEM said...

I do love the succinct one-word titles myself. I also love the word shadows, so much so that I overuse it in my descriptions of places. Sigh.

Katie O'Sullivan said...

I love the word shadows in titles - I used it in the title of my first book, Unfolding the Shadows, a romantic suspense. The word can mean so many different things, and have layers of meaning as well ;-)

I like one-word titles too - but it does seem to be an overpowering trend at the moment.