Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Teen Me Blog Tour! Share and WIN!

Woohoo! Today I'm a stop on the Dear Teen Me blog tour. I've gotta start by saying that Zest Books and the dynamic editorial duo of Miranda Kennealy and E. Kristin Anderson have put more passionate, energy and talent into this project than I ever could have imagined. And, even though I wrote one of the letters, I'm going to be so bold as to say I ADORED this anthology. I can't even pick a favorite entry because there are so many charming, heartwarming, important, redemptive, incredible stories that it'd be wrong to point you to just a few...
...the thought that kept running through my mind as I read this anothology is that NO TEEN GROWS UP IN A PERFECT WORLD.  And that WRITING, whether you aspire to be an author or just need to put your reality on paper for your own personal reasons, provides PERSPECTIVE, RELIEF and sometimes, even, JOY.

Write a letter to your teen self today. Or your future self. In the comments below, share the first sentence of your letter.  And, on Friday 16 November, I'll choose one commenter at random to receive a signed copy of my novel AUDITION. 

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