Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Friday!

November is in full swing. The election is over and the robocalls have pretty much stopped. The sun is shining and next week I'll finally be able to share some big writing news :)

Meanwhile, I am home with my six-year-old who is celebrating his four-day weekend, also known as four days during which I will have very little time to myself but do expect to be playing a lot of Legos. And, I'll probably do some blog-hopping since the time I do get is in small, click-and-run increments. Drop me a message below if you'd like me to surf by.

Wishing everyone, especially those on the east coast, a weekend with electricity, heat, a full tank of fuel and some fun with family and friends.

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Unknown said...

Oh, Stasia, I've been waiting for some big writer news from you! Hope the weekend has been fabulous so far. Today I'm experiencing the beginning of the Colorado winter--1 degree outside this morning. ^_^